Tuesday, 28 June 2011

'Music inspired by the melody of the land...'

This summer I am going to try to write the occasional blog about pieces of Music by Composer James , to introduce more people to his music. Kenny Mathieson in the Inverness Courier wrote: 'Music inspired by the melody of the land' to describe James Douglas' music. Not only is this quote quite humbling, it also could be quite true.

James Douglas himself says: 'I read a lot of books, see photos and paintings...and then I write music.'

Imagine always remembering a particular piece of music at a particular time in your life. Say at a wedding, a concert, a church service or even a funeral. That music and moment will always be with you for ever.

For me, I will always remember being at a Concert in St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh. I was sitting in the Choir stalls, not far from the actual organ consol and I then heard, as part of that Concert, 'A Vision' by James Douglas. The final toccata  section began with a long low note on the pedals, then a higher one and then this magical sound errupted from the Organ. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck, I was entranced. I will always remember this music and where I heard it first. Magical. What about you, do you have a piece of music that always has stayed with you for some reason? I'm sure we all do, that is what is so special about Music and the affect that it has on people.
Katharine Douglas
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