Friday, 1 July 2011

Need to source a piece of music?

I am finding that as our industry is competing with Amazon and more and more online retailers, people do not always know how to find a piece of music. Who do you ask? Recently I have found and received orders for some of the following queries:
I heard a piece of music in Desert Island Discs some weeks ago but who was it by?
I am singing in a particular version of this opera and need to find a CD to learn the music from, can you help?
I saw this piece of music on one of these digital channels, but I don't know who sang it but the title was...

Well, I am pleased to say that I found all of these CDs and the customers all bought the subsequent CDs or ordered them from their local bookshop who ordered it from me.

So, now you know, if you need some help either in your shop with finding a piece of music or if you would like to find that music that your choir are singing, get in touch and I will see what I can do.

To end this, if you are interested in supporting your local bookshop, visit: which lists lots of useful information about bestsellers and also how to support your local church too.

Katharine Douglas
Caritas Music Publishing / Eschenbach Editions